Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mexican dessert - Fried Ice Cream

Fried ice cream seems like an oxymoron. Opposites attract and the combination is delicious.
There are many ways to make fried ice cream. You can use tortilla which I think is fitting for a Mexican dessert. You can also use cereals such as corn flakes, cinnamon toast crunch. Be creative there are so many cereals and flavors of ice craem out there and you can use different types of bread. I choose to use bread. I had cinnamon bread lying around in my kitchen that I really wanted to use up and I thought it would taste great.

Slices of bread
Ice cream
saran wrap or foil (I used foil)
cinnamon (optional)
vegetable oil
egg substitute

For the batter I looked up the recipe for the proportions. The recipe I looked up makes 30-35 fried ice cream so BE SURE to use a measurement converter. I substituted Ener-G for the eggs. I did not use orange extract, instead I put a dash of cinnamon. I used butter pecan ice cream, be creative with the ice cream.

Put the ice cream in between the slices of bread and mold it into a ball, use a knife to cut around the edges and take the crust off. Freeze in saran wrap or foil till it is hard/frozen. Roll the frozen ice cream-bread in the batter. Make sure the oil is hot and be careful when you carefully place the batter covered ice cream into the oil. Fry until the batter starts turning light brown.

If you are not using bread make the ice cream into balls and freeze them. Roll the balls in batter and than roll them in a cereal of your choice. For example use coco pebbles and use strawberry ice cream. You can add chocolate powder to the batter instead of cinnamon as well.